Who We Are

This is me Paula and this is Ondarez... 

The concept of Ondarez Clothing was born August 2008. I was drawn to the simplicity but knew it meant so much more to me and those who live on the rez and First Nations. I want people to be proud of the rez and be proud of their history and who they are. People need connection to community no matter your background and where it is and I believe that Ondarez is this connection. 
Ondarez intends to unite people by designs and products that are symbolic but that anyone can enjoy and be proud to wear. I created a brand that everyone can wear men, women and children no matter where you come from.


My english name is Paula Naponse and I am an Ojibway woman from Atikameksheng. I am an entrepreneur, designer and an educator. I started my designing career when I was around 13 in grade 8 Home  Ec class where I made a pair of shorts out of striped red material, I never will forget that as mine was the only “different” project out of the class.  After that I made my own clothes, bags, accessories jewelry you name it I made it. I loved when people asked me “where did you get your ….”  And I answered by saying I made it!  I have always been creative and made my own regalia, beadwork, moccasins, all self-taught. I enjoy the process of thought to creation. I am proud of who I am, I have a beautiful offspring of four, life is challenging but great. I want you to come on my journey as we bring to life culture and traditions of the Indigenous.

So, you can be a part of it all by signing up below, I will let you know where we are going and where Ondarez will be on the road.  I will not give anyone your email, I promise.