Ondarez (On-the-rez)

Ondarez (on-the-rez) Clothing and Goods began in a small First Nation in Northern Ontario. I am Paula Naponse the creator /owner of Ondarez and I truly believe that Ondarez is really a culture like no other... I am an Anishinaabe kwe entrepreneur. I created Ondarez to honour and respect my homelands of Atikameksheng. The company was created in 2008, I am a proud of who I am, Ondarez is who I am.
I wanted an avenue to showcase my own creations and designs. I have always been creative sewing, crafting and regalia making at a young age. Ondarez is my company which allows me to design, sell and tell a story of resilience. I am grateful for my talents and that I am able sell my wears and goods. I am a single mother, this company supports me and my family since its inception. I source materials that are mainly Indigenous and made in North America. I am inspired by beads, fabric, and the natural world that surrounds us. I use materials from nature, create all products by hand.
Ondarez Clothing specializes in hand screen-printed apparel and accessories. I recently established a home goods collection which features candles and coffee. I invite you to enjoy Ondarez for all it encompasses and know that when you purchase you are supporting an Indigenous woman entrepreneur who in turn supports community and nation. 

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